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  • Megan Rechin

Jeff + Sam | Wedding Photography in Erie, PA

Imagine a perfect place. Where the sun shines perfect rays down on kind, fun-loving people. Where leaves are green, grass is growing, and drinks are plentiful. A half barn stands waiting for company, a beautiful archway waits for a couple of newlyweds. Flowers are everywhere and the covered bridge is just beautiful. Imagine this perfect place, this perfect day.

This is Jeff & Sam's wedding day at Whispering Trees Manor near Erie, PA.

Congratulations Jeff & Sam, I had the most, the best, the perfect day shooting your wedding.

CHAPTER ONE | Rings & Things

CHAPTER TWO | Getting Ready

CHAPTER THREE | The Ceremony

CHAPTER FOUR | Wedding Characters :)

CHAPTER FIVE | Portraits

CHAPTER SIX | The Reception