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  • Megan Rechin

Need an online business during COVID-19? I can help!

I just wanted to put an offer out to small businesses including restaurants, shops, cafes, stores, etc. during the COVID-19 situation...

If your business NEEDS a way to sell/take reservations/orders online, I would be happy to set up a website for you ASAP and give you instructions on how to sell products online or take reservations/sell take out food online so that you can convert some of your walk-in/in-person business to online transactions during this period of social distance!

I have built websites for wineries, restaurants, hair salons, online stores, dry cleaners, etc. and would be happy to help any small business adjust to sell gift cards online or set them up to sell their products/take reservations.

I don't want to be paid during this time to set up any of these websites, it would only cost the hosting and domain fees (around 12/year and 30/month) -- none of which go to me and you would own your own site!

(NOTE: you may need to have a 3rd party vendor like square, stripe or paypal for credit card processing if you don't already have it. I can help set that up too!)

During this time we need to come together and at the same time, socially distance. Having a website is a great way to do this and I want to lend my skills to help!

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