This endeavor grew out of a need to help people and small businesses tell their authentic and true story through photography & design.

From social media, to photography, to web and graphic design & content creation, I believe a customized approach to all of your marketing and communication efforts creates a space in the world that is unique, highlighting your business or event.

Every project, big or small, starts with brainstorming a unique idea that will drive sales, Facebook likes, Snap plays, etc. so you have measurable data to know the campaigns developed by me, are working for you.



I am a human that likes to read with books, write with pens, shoot things with a camera, knit things with yarn and cook with potatoes.

But seriously...

Megan Rechin is a communications junky.


10 years of diversified experience in communications, marketing, writing, photography, social media management and development, web editing, graphic design, publication layout and community outreach strategy.

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