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There are so many photographers & designers.

Here's why you should pick me:


1. I'll make you laugh during our time together. Happiness = great photos

2. I'll get on the ground or in the water to take a perfect shot

3. I think all people, animals, and landscapes are beautiful

4. I don't take everyone as a client, our visions need to match

5. I'm affordable, because everyone should be able to afford beautiful photos of their favorite memories

6. Not only do I take photos, I develop brands
photos > print projects > logos > websites > labels > to full marketing strategy. Whatever your dreams, we can do it together

From weddings to websites, engagements to email campaigns, senior photos to social media, I've done it all. 

I've been shooting for 15+ years.

Designing for 10+ years.

If you like what you see, hire me!

Learn more about who I am below...



I am a human that likes to read with books, write with pens, shoot things with a camera, knit things with yarn and cook with potatoes.

But seriously...

Megan Rechin is a communications junky.


10 years of diversified experience in communications, marketing, writing, photography, social media management and development, web editing, graphic design, publication layout and community outreach strategy.

Check out more here: LinkedIn

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